Pick the right products to sell on Amazon this holiday season

Pick the right products to sell on Amazon this holiday
The holiday season is a great opportunity for one to unwind, have fun and to spend quality time with your loved ones. For Sellers on Amazon, it is also the most exciting period of the year. With customers going on huge shopping spree as early as October during the holiday season, Q4 plays a big part in determining the performance of Sellers. There is little doubt that one will leverage the chance of selling more on Amazon during this period, but the bigger question is how to grasp this opportunity? To go back to basics, your product selection is key.

According to shopping trends and past sales records, in this blog we will cover product(s) with large sales potential across four categories: Home, kitchen, automotive and clothing.


Festive Decorations

Selling Home Products on Amazon this holiday
Home decoration products unsurprisingly perform well during the holiday period. With Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas coming one after another, decorative items come in handy for Amazon customers. LED lighting, Christmas tree, Christmas/Halloween ornaments are great examples of products that fall under this list.


Air Fryer

Selling Air Fryers on Amazon this holiday
Air fryer is getting increasingly popular product on Amazon. American customers have a habit of frying their food and that makes the air fryer stands out with less oil involved in the cooking process. The sales potential of the air fryer is great and sales mainly occur between November and December.

Coffee Appliance

Selling Coffee Appliances on Amazon this holiday
According to Statista, US coffee sales with reach $5.5 billion in 2018, an average annual increase of 3.8%. With up to 53% of Americans consuming a cup of coffee at least once a week, coffee making products may prove to be popular on the Amazon market. Products could include coffee bean grinders, coffee pot filters and more.


Car Accessories

Selling Car Accessories on Amazon this holiday
With winter incoming, drivers try to keep themselves warm in their vehicle, while preventing their beloved car/bikes from being buried in snow. Products like covers and seat cushions with heating functions will be highly sought after.

Electrical tools

Selling Electrical Tools on Amazon this holiday
With the increase in road trips during the holiday, products that provide entertainment during the journey like car speakers will surge in demand. Furthermore, to prepare for breakdowns while commuting, vehicle batteries and tire pressure detectors will come in handy for Amazon customers.



Selling clothes on Amazon this holiday
A necessity during winter, dark colors (black, dark blue) is strongly preferred by men. On the other hand, beige and dark colors are popular with women. To differentiate your jacket from other sellers on Amazon, little details like the waterproof effectiveness and its design should be taken into consideration.


For new sellers looking for types of products to start your selling journey on Amazon, we hope these selection of items gives you a better idea of what to sell. So start listing and let the sales begin!
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