Learn about Best Selling Products on Amazon in Summer 2019

As the summer season approaches, are you looking forward to increase your Amazon sales while getting gorgeously tanned? It is the peak time for summer fashion products! Can’t keep up with the upcoming summer trends? Can't seem to understand the fashion preferences of foreign consumers? Having doubts about the selection of your products?

Fret not! In this blog post, we will be sharing with you – our predictions for best selling products on Amazon in summer 2019 and product categories that tend to perform well during this season. Do grab this opportunity to boost your sales. Who knows? Your product may be the next best-selling item this summer!

Recommended List of Best Selling Products on Amazon

  • Top, Tees, Blouses (Women)
  • Dresses
  • Swimwears and Accesories
  • Jumpsuits, Rompers, Overalls (Women)
  • Shorts (Men)
  • Handbags (Women)
  • Sandals (Women)

1. Top, Tees, Blouses (Women)

Blouses with embellished details are popular among women. We reckon that off the shoulder blouse, lace detail tops as well as comfortable wrap tops, will be popular among the ladies this summer. For blouses, light colors are popular colors – light brown, white, pink and blue.
Price range: $20 - 40 USD

2. Dresses

Women’s dresses are best-selling products on Amazon all-year round. White, blue and black dresses are common colors worn by women for everyday wear. In summer; bright, colorful and printed dresses are popular choices among women. For the upcoming summer season, look forward to denim dresses, vintage-style and crotchet design dresses as the popular summer 2019 trend!
Price range: $20 - 30 USD

3. Swimwear & Accessories

Swimwear & Accessories
What’s summer without a trip to the beach? It goes without saying that swimwear and summer maxi dresses will persist to be the best selling products of summer 2019. Sales of swimwear will start to increase from the beginning of March till the end of August. Keep your eyes peeled on swimwear designs such as Bikini, Geometric pattern-design swimwear (polka dots, stripes), Tankini, as well as One-piece swimsuits. For this upcoming summer’s swimwear trend, we give our votes to……High-waist Bikinis! We reckon that striped, metallic, oblique design, pleats and lacey swimwear will be the up and coming swimwear trend this summer.

Price range -
Bikini: $10-$30 USD
Tankini: $20 USD and above

4. Jumpsuits, Rompers, Overalls (Women)

Jumpsuits, rompers, overalls
Classic and simple rompers will continue to be the preferred choice among women who are going for a modern and professional look. What’s more, details such as belts, off-shoulder, pleats, slits and puff sleeves adds a unique and elegant touch.

Special tip: It is all about the fit. Rompers & jumpsuits of sized S and M are of higher demand.
Tips: Americans are generally of a bigger build than Asians and hence there is a greater demand for sizes M and above among Americans. For apparels that are more loose fitting such as dresses and 2-piece swimwear, do stock up on sizes M and above to accommodate to plus-size and curvy people.

5. Men’s Shorts

Selling clothes on Amazon this holiday
With the increasing demand for men’s fashion, there is a greater variety and diversity for men’s apparel. Albeit constant trend changes in color and length for men’s bottoms; the best-selling styles are still – simple casual shorts and comfortable sport shorts. Preferred color for simple casual shorts and sport shorts are mainly - beige & grey as well as black & blue respectively.

Tip: You may bundle your shorts sale with sleeveless muscle tank, cotton shirt or hawaiian shirt in anticipation of this year's New York Fashion Week trend.
Price range: $30 USD and below

6. Handbags (Women)

Selling clothes on Amazon this holiday
In the Women's handbag category, shoulder bags often usher in sales peak in summer. To match the summer dresses, medium-sized leather satchel accessorized with tassels, as well as structured shoulder bags with chain straps are often best-selling products. Similarly, woven straw bags (a beach must-have!) are top selling products in summer. This year’s fashion hit includes a structured shoulder bag as well!
Price range: $20-40 USD

7. Sandals (Women)

Selling clothes on Amazon this holiday
Be it beach wear or casual wear, sandals and slippers are essential footwear in summer - they are lightweight and comfortable. Among them, classic brown and black flip-flops are the main best-sellers. With the rising fashion trend, we reckon that multi-strap, platform and sport sandals will be this summer’s best-selling women footwear.
Price range: $30 USD and below

Popular colors for best selling products on Amazon this summer :

Women's Fashion:
Men's Fashion:
In summary, designs, fabric, color and prices are all essential factors to consider when it comes to fashion products. This are some of our apparel recommendations for 2019's summer. For new sellers, we hope that you will have a better knowledge of what you can sell. Happy selling!
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